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Church Security Conference


Every church MUST think about church security in today’s world! Every church should have a comprehensive Church Security Plan and a Church Security Team in place! BUT, where do you begin and who can help? This conference will provide a comprehensive look at the main church security issues facing churches of all sizes today.

Topics Covered:
• Developing a Church Security Plan
• Organizing a Church Security Team
• The Vital Safety Role Technology Plays
• Tactical Simulator Training
• Active Shooter Preparation
• Building Safety
• Church Security Legal Considerations
• Keeping Children Safe
• Ways the KBC Can Help with Church Security


Michael Webb, Triple Countermeasure Created by military and law enforcement veterans with the purpose of bringing expert level knowledge and training to your church’s security needs.

Brian Schuette, Crain/Schuette Attorneys Brian is a Kentucky trial attorney who has represented churches in several states

David Morris, Modern Systems, Inc. Provides affordable home security systems, home theater, camera systems, security and fire alarms for churches and more.

Aaron Beighle currently serves as a Shift Sergeant with Answers in Genesis after a successful career with the Kentucky State Police. Aaron is a child of career missionaries, an avid hunter, and an active member of the Hickory Grove Baptist Church in northern Kentucky.

David Hoffman currently serves as founder and Safety Team Director at Central Baptist Church in Winchester, Kentucky. Prior to retirement, David served with the Kentucky State Police. David is an avid fisherman and also serves as the liaison with the Central Baptist Hispanic church plant.