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Wise Counsel for Effective Pastors & Church Leaders

with Rick Howerton


Wise Counsel for Pastors & Church Leaders is a teaching series released 36 times per year. Each video offers encouragement and helpful training on current issues churches are facing. Rick Howerton is the host of the video series. He’s a regional consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has been a pastor, church planter, campus minister and disciple resource author for Lifeway.

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5 Undeniable Resolutions Transformational Pastors Should Make
The Art of Saying, "No"

Four Pitfalls Every Church Leader Should Avoid Like the Plague

Four Creative Ways to Say Thanks to Church Leaders

Six Reasons a Church-Wide Campaign is Great for Your Church

Are You a Leader? Leaders Take People Where They Need to Go.

Church Discipline, Protecting the Church You Lead

Five Words of Wisdom for Courageous Pastors and Church Planters

Four Types of Post-Christian Era People and the Needs of Each

Is an out of Control Church the Best Kind?!


Four Essential Leadership Principles That Are Learned In the Trenches

3 Redemptive Acts That Will Make Your Church a Magnet for Sinners

Seven Stages to Membership, Getting Guests to Stick

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Facility Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Pastor Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Outreach Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Financial Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Leadership Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Mindset Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Internal Structure Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Sunday School Barriers

Barriers to Church Growth: Overcoming Spiritual Barriers

Preaching, Three Encouragements of Jesus

Building Relational Equity: Becoming a Coveted Conversationalist

Building Relational Equity: Sharing the Right Spaces

Seven Rules for Pastors Who Want to Experience a Rejuvenating Vacation

Creating a Compelling Vision Statement

Four Comments Pastors Should Ignore…Almost Always

Leverage and Leadership

The Most Effective Way to Recruit Long-Term Volunteers

Pastor, Do Your Church Members Want to Be Healed – Really?

How You Might Experience Inner Peace

5 Reasons to Leave the Church You’re Serving

Pastor, Are You Growing the Kingdom of God or Building an Efficient Organization?

Subculturing… The Church Must Escape Her Own, Evangelistic Necessities

7 Necessities for an Efficient Team Meeting

The Most Dangerous Person in Any Meeting

Living a Life of Leadership: 5 Expectations of Pastors Who Get It

5 Reasons to Remain at the Church You’re Serving

5 Often Overlooked Equity Building Leadership Necessities

November 13: 5 Churches That Will Never Make Many Mature Disciples

5 Audacious Guidelines for Deacons and Elders Aspiring to Unity With the Church Staff

10 Practices of Senior Pastors Who Lead Change and Survive

Four Mistakes Church Leaders Often Make During the Christmas Season

Three Gifts Every Pastor Should Give Their Family for Christmas

A personal word from Rick Howerton